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We welcome you to browse the many sites we’ve developed!
Below you can see several of our personal favorites.

Basic Laboratory Basic Laboratory // basiclab.com
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Certified California testing laboratory. Lab analysis services include UCMR2, NPDES, mercury by EPA 1631, and plenty of other cool-sounding tests. >>

Kindred Hearts Kindred Hearts // kindredhearts.com
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Unique gift ideas for the home. Wall decorations, inspirational thoughts, religious decor, and much more. Wholesale and retail sales. >>

Precious Moments Precious Moments // preciousmoments.com
Famous for their figurines and other fine artwork
depicting love, peace, and harmony.
Interlex Interlex // interlexusa.com
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Multi-cultural ad agency especially geared toward Latino,
African-American, and Asian-American audiences
. >>
Child Evangelism Fellowship // summermissions.com
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Evangelistic organization focusing on bringing spiritual
and physical help to the needy all over the world
. >>

Silent Air Silent Air // silentair.com
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The Hoover SilentAir air purifier uses elecrostatic technology to invigorate and purify the air in your home. Place your order online today. >>
WallBuilders // wallbuilders.com
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WallBuilders and David Barton are dedicated to the restoration of
the moral and religious foundation on which America was built. >>
LookatMenus.com // lookatmenus.com
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Great resource for finding the perfect restaurant in South Florida and Miami. Search by location, atmosphere, cuisine, and more. Then read the menu! >>

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