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200 MB Storage Space $39.95/Month
1 E-Mail Account $99.95 Setup (waived with annual payment)
5 GB Bandwidth/Data Transfer  
500 MB Storage Space $59.95/Month
5 E-Mail Accounts $99.95 Setup (waived with annual payment)
10 GB Bandwidth/Data Transfer  
2 GB Storage Space $99.95/Month
10 E-Mail Accounts $99.95 Setup (waived with annual payment)
50 GB Bandwidth/Data Transfer   
5 GB Storage Space $149.95/Month
20 E-Mail Accounts $199.95 Setup (waived with annual payment)
200 GB Bandwidth/Data Transfer  
Custom Plans
If none of the above plans fit your needs, or if you require more than 5 GB storage space/200 GB bandwidth, please contact us and we will develop a custom hosting plan to meet your exact specifications.


standard features

The following features are included in all four of our hosting services.

Standard Features  
Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding forward e-mail to or from any of your accounts
Robust Custom Spam Filtering we delete 90-95% of spam before it reaches you
Unlimited Autoresponders send automatic responses to customers
Unlimited Subscribable Mailing Lists set up normal or subscribable mailing lists
E-Mail and Phone Technical Support we’ll help you out if your account isn’t working*
Unlimited 24x7 FTP Access update your web site anytime, anywhere
Anonymous FTP Access share select files with other users
Individual CGI-bin Directory don’t share your scripts with other sites
SSH Secure Shell Account another tool for advanced administrative tasks
Personal SMTP Server send and receive e-mail with your own server
Graphical Site Statistics count your visitors, see where they are going
Downloadable Raw Access Logs detailed information on visitors to your site
Microsoft FrontPage Support if you like, use FrontPage to design your site
Real Audio/Video Support feature audio and video clips on your site
Secure Server (SSL) encryption for processing personal data
Server Side Includes (SSI) reference reusable code directly
Password Protected Directories restrict access to certain portions of your site
MySQL 5 Database store and manage your data easily
PHP 5 Support advanced programming using PHP
Perl 5.6, C, C++, Java, Python, TCL advanced programming using other languages
PGP sophisticated e-mail encryption tool
Red Hat Linux Operating System industry-standard stability
Xeon Quad-Core Intel Processors capable of serving millions of requests
2 GB RAM handles simultaneous tasks effortlessly
250 Gbps Network Bandwidth Capacity through multiple telecom providers (AT&T, NTT, AboveNet) extremely fast, redundant, and reliable backbone connections to the Internet
99.99% Uptime our track record of reliability
N+1 power generator architecture, N+2 redundant data center HVAC systems, and advanced fire suppression systems power outages don’t kill our servers
Backups Performed Daily in case you accidentally delete a file


add-on features

If you need to purchase additional e-mail accounts or other add-ons, there is a small setup fee, but no additional monthly fee.

Additional Features  
Additional E-Mail Account $0.00/Month $39.95 Setup
Additional User Account $0.00/Month $39.95 Setup
Domain Name Alias $0.00/Month $99.95 Setup
Referrer Logs Now included free with all accounts!
DNS Record Addition/Change $0.00/Month $99.95 Setup
Additional Monthly Bandwidth/Data Transfer $19.95 per GB Free Setup

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*We provide free support if the problem is with our server or the services we are providing with you. We provide paid support for installation and configuration assistance and support; and troubleshooting services when the problem is a local software or configuration issue.


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